Products and accessories
New or regenerated.

We'll think about it.
Products and accessories
New or regenerated.

We'll think about it.


We are resellers for Italy of CAB products and accessories

Pcb Separator and board storage Racks: CAB has chosen Fenix Automation as the official partner for the marketing in Italy of its products and accessories. This German global company, established in 1975, relies on a solid structure with nine offices in different continents and is a world leader in the electronics field for its high standards of quality, safety, and reliability.

CAB separatore PCB_maestro_4s_600

PCB Separator: cutting of electronic boards with automatic and semiautomatic systems through the CAB Pcb Separators, with a range targeted to the requirements of the individual circuits: the separation can be set for different sizes and different loads, without losing accuracy, speed and efficiency.

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PCB Racks: CAB accessories include Racks, i.e. storage for loading electronic cards. The stability and strength of the frames allows extreme accuracy and speed of automated storage processes, guaranteeing safety and efficiency, while the vertical symmetry provides for versatile and reversible use depending on specific production characteristics.

CAB mag


We supply Reeco products

Reeco makes excellent modular and ergonomic structures with electrostatic discharge protection.


Trolley for PCB rack: the trolley offered by Fenix allows swift and safe handling of racks with PCBs or other materials.

Rack trolley with platform height adjustment by hand crank
Lifting capacity 120 Kg.
Lifting height up to 1.100 mm.
Lifting ratio 70 mm. per revolution
Main wheels Ø 200 mm. with roller bearings
Parking brake
Net weight 25 Kg.


A second life for every system

We reclaim, refurbish, and resell systems for the production of electronic boards, always guaranteeing optimal performance and high standards in terms of quality and safety. Our technicians will take care of the maintenance, verify the perfect operation of each component, and update the technology according to the new requirements so that we can offer the market equipment, devices and modules that can also be integrated with existing assembly lines and industrial processes.