Automated manufacturing
for every application field.
Automated manufacturing
for every application field


Electronics, mechanics, and IT: we give a start to your ideas

Fenix Automation provides solutions aimed at automating all industrial processes, designing bespoke systems for individual needs. Companies are characterized by a defined identity, the uniqueness of their products, the specificity of their manufacturing solutions: our challenge is to give a start to every idea and every need, proposing electronic, mechanical, and functional logic solutions to the most diversified sectors with the ambition to optimize and make production cycles more efficient.

Customization is our strength

Customization is one of our greatest strengths, with the design and implementation of “tailor-made” solutions to automate any function and any process. All this allows us to introduce ourselves as a reliable partner to increase the productivity of companies engaged in fields such as, for example, electronics, automotive, agriculture, telecom, mechanical and health-medical.

All industrial processes can be automated.
Test us!

You imagine it, we set it in motion. A careful evaluation of your company and your production will allow you to identify the best possibilities for a full customization of systems, modules, technologies, and software, automating and robotising each work cycle. The objective is in fact to facilitate production processes and increase productivity itself, with specific solutions for individual components or for complete systems. A consolidated experience in the field, a constant trend towards innovation and the desire to test ourselves in new projects prompt us to respond professionally to the most diversified requests for automation and enhance any industrial operation.


Our experience for automation in every field

Wherever is a process to automate, there we are. We are a point of reference for the electronic boards industry to which we offer a complete catalogue for the assembly and handling of printed circuits, but our experience is a solid foundation to guarantee support for companies engaged in the most diversified fields with a high degree of automation, including, by way of example, automotive, healthcare-medical, telecommunications or agriculture.
In these areas it is impossible to present a real catalogue because the automation possibilities for processes, production lines or assembly lines are endless. Each sector, in fact, is characterized by specific industrial automation needs, requires the use of specific technologies and commands adequate software: our commitment is to provide bespoke responses to customer needs for a full customization of modules, services and accessories.

A few examples of custom solutions:

Mechanics and electronics have a central importance in the automotive field, with new technologies and new functions continuously introduced to optimize production and improve vehicle performance. Precision, attention to detail and full customization solutions according to the specific needs of manufacturers: we are willing to provide bespoke solutions for the automation of the assembly processes of each individual component.

For instance:

The production of agriculture machines and implements, combined with the development of agriculture 4.0, has led to a remarkable increase of technology and electronics. Our skills are therefore more and more dedicated to the various applications of a field that is now decidedly aimed at the future, to which we propose the automation of assembly production processes and the design of lines for especially conceived electronic boards.

For instance:

Our core business belongs to electronic boards field with systems capable of carrying out every phase of the production flow, but our activity is more generally aimed at the whole electronic industry, for the automation of the various assembly and handling processes. An in-depth, preliminary evaluation brings us to design unique and exclusive automations solutions for any specific production feature, with actual benefits in terms of efficiency and savings.

The medical-health sector requires particularly accurate technologies and electronic systems. The know-how acquired over many years of experience is a guarantee for quality in the design and configuration of extremely accurate industrial processes, ensuring obsessive care for every production phase, as well as in the production of in-line systems for the assembly of electronic boards for the most diverse devices.

Electronics are fundamental for the efficiency and operation of a constantly evolving sector such as telecommunications. Our challenge is to be ready for change, embodying a spirit of innovation and proactivity in increasing the standard of our products and enhancing the work of our customers, with particular reference to the integrated automation of the entire production cycle.