Fenix Automation Srl is a company operating in electronic, mechanical and IT automation industrial processes. The company’s goal is to provide standardized or customized solutions to improve the operation and performance of the various production cycles for different sectors, automotive, agricultural, electronic industry, healthcare-medical, telecommunications, etc. The company has got a solid experience acquired in the production of electronic boards, providing a specific knowledge of the market as well as advanced production technologies capable of solving multiple requests.

Always customer oriented, the company has implemented a Quality Management System (compliant with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015) and is committed to:

    • to enter, in a well-identified context, in the offer of high quality standardized and customized solutions with the help of advanced design and production technologies with the aim of ensuring full customer satisfaction through the quality of the products offered.
    • Offer multiple solutions that can be used on the market such as: PTH Components Assembly Cell, Cleaning and Dispensing, Testing and Inspection, Mobile Robot, Board Handling etc. for a fair variety of sectors in addition to those already indicated, with the aim of pursuing the highest possible quality through attention to every detail.
    • Searching for targeted solutions to solve the specific needs of each customer, also to continuously increase their satisfaction levels, ensuring flexible assistance services to customer requests.
    • Ensuring listening and transparency in relations with its customers and other interested parties, and the best technical competence of our staff.
    • Satisfy all the requirements applicable to the management system, products and services, including mandatory ones, with the use of specific tools that allow the planning and monitoring of all activities so that they can be carried out within pre-established time, cost and quality.
    • Ensure that company policy and objectives are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels.
    • Promote the continuous improvement of the management system.

Starting from the context in terms of the reference market, the reference economic and financial situation, geographical areas and staff in force, the internal and external factors in the various areas were identified. For the same areas, considering the aforementioned factors, the risks/opportunities have been identified as starting elements for assessing the risks of all processes.

On a regular basis, audits are carried out on the Quality Management System in order to verify its implementation and effectiveness in achieving the objectives and planning any improvement actions. The Property undertakes to review the adequacy of the Quality Management System at least once a year and to give indications on any corrections and / or improvements to be made to the Quality System structure. On this occasion, it also verifies the achievement of the annual Quality objectives and analyzes any deviations. In order to promote the dissemination and understanding of the Quality Policy, this is disseminated to all staff and the subjects of the organization are met in order to spread awareness of the role of the individual. The contents and objectives of this policy are subject to review by the management, at which time specific objectives and improvement programs are defined. This document is disseminated within the organization by posting it in specific places.

Arezzo, 14.01.2022

Direction Riccardo Marraghini

Here you can find our ISO 9001 certification